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Ananda Marga: A Journey in Joy

Ananda Marga: A Journey in Joy
by RAWA Films

This documentary takes you on a journey through the various aspects of the Ananda Marga movement and its effort to create a better world.

Another Life

Another Life is Possible: Cooperatives in Barlovento, Venezuela
by the Prout Research Institute of Venezuela

With approximately 50,000 cooperatives in operation in Venezuela, will economic democracy prove to be a model for development throughout the region? In this video more than 40 cooperatives were surveyed in the impoverished rural district of Barlovento to see how cooperatives are transforming people's lives.

Conversations with Dada Chandranath

Conversations with Dada Chandranath
by Devashish

Conversations with Dada Chandranath is a must see for Margis around the world. In this video Dada shares his wisdom and experience that comes from years of spiritual practice.

Namah Shivaya Shantaya DVD

Namah Shivaya Shantaya
by RAWA Films

This film has at its core the renewal of a great and timeless message, still as relevant today as it was in times of old, bringing to life the story of Shiva’s fight for justice, righteousness and peace in the fledgling society of his day.


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"Today the cinema seems to be very popular with people of all ages. As a result film technology will gradually rise to ever-greater heights of technical excellence. The opportunity provided by the cinema to establish good relations with people can be very well utilized for educational purposes."

P.R. Sarkar

2014 InnerSong