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Kaoshikii - The Dance of the Divine

The Clarion Call

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By Jagatbandhu and Liilamaya

A 21 minute yogic workout which strengthens both the body and mind. Kaoshikii is a dance of 18 movements performed with the chanting of a mantra. While chanting each word of the mantra there is a different movement for both arms and feet that are to be done simultaneously. The album insert includes a chart with detailed instructions. (Purchasers of a download receive a PDF file containing the chart.) The album concludes with a Kiirtan track.

Kaoshikii means "dance for mental expansion." P.R. Sarkar, Founder of Ananda Marga, invented this wonderful dance in 1978. It is a yogic dance primarily for women, although it benefits men too, and is reputed to be able to cure 22 different types of disease. Kaoshikii is a "mudraic" dance. A "mudra" is a gesture of the hands, which express a subtle idea. Indian and Oriental Classical dance are based on hundreds of mudras.


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Song, Dance and Instrumental Music

"Furthermore, it is found that human beings are sometimes affected by various diseases; and frequently they are faced with various difficulties with respect to their sa´dhana´. These impediments many or may not be major. For instance, small diseases like liver trouble may cause problems from time to time, and to remove these types of hindrances, I invented the Kaoshikii dance on the 6th of September 1978. This dance serves as an antidote to twenty-two types of diseases. All these are primarily meant to first of all vibrate the ectoplasmic stuff (citta´nu) which in turn is concentrated at a certain point touching the point of the soul, where Parama Purus´a resides."

P.R. Sarkar
9 November 1978, Calcutta



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