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Women We Are

Women We Are

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by Anjali, Didi Ananda Ragamaya, Jacquelyn Battise, and Kamala

This album of songs for the awaking of women is an inspiring compilation of uplifting, universally spiritual and social songs. Anjali produced it for WWDF - Women's Wellbeing and Development Foundation.

Proceeds from the sales of this CD go to support projects for women and children around the world.

Price: US$ 16.00

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Track List

1.   Women We Are (A)
2.   Reverent Mother (A)
3.   Fear No More (D)
4.   Mora Mukta Bhumir Me Ye (A)
5.   Mother (D)
6.   Jacquelyn's Poem (J)
7.   Whole Mother (A)
8.   Bird Flying Free (D)
9.   No Me Dejas Kiirtan (A)
10.   Courage (K)
11.   Somos Mulheres (A)
12.   More Love (A)
13.   Vanguard / Mother Kiirtan (AD)
(A)   Anjali  
(D)   Didi Ananda Ragamaya  
(J)   Jacquelyn Battise  
(K)   Kamela  

2014 InnerSong