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Spiritually and socially uplifting songs done by independent artists around the world are featured in InnerSong's worldbeat section.

Bhakti Bhakti
by Amareshvar

Six devotional songs sung in Portuguese and performed with a Brazilian flair.

Brighter than the sun Brighter than the Sun
By Dada Veda

The country-folk style of songs on this CD are meant to express the deep feelings and realizations gained through meditation, as well as Dada's hope for a socially just, and ecologically balanced society.
Christmas Song Christmas Song
By Elisabeth von Trapp

Although music has permeated all aspects of my growing up, my fondest memories are of those wonderful times when our farmhouse was filled with friends and family and the walls resounded with Christmas Song."

Cosmic Mantra Cosmic Mantra
by The Bhaktas

The Bhaktas play traditional indian mantra bhajans and chants in a contemporary electronic style, opening a new way with heartful cosmic meditation music, which bridges traditional vedic songs and modern sound worlds.
Dancing Divinity Dancing Divinity
by Jyosna

This high-energy CD has a disco beat and some wonderful devotional songs. This is strictly songs, no kiirtans.
Espoir Espoir

Call and response Kiirtans with African voices and percussion
Fire Dragon Suite Fire Dragon Suite
By Dada Nabhaniilananda

Like a secret childhood treasure being re-discovered, this charming collection of spiritual folk songs springs surprise after delightful surprise on the listener.

Hecho en Mexico con Amor Hecho en Mexico con Amor
by The Kundalinii Expressers
The Kundalinii Express is a tour of spiritual people and artists from around the world. This album was recorded on the 2006 tour and includes songs and performances by Anjali, Ana'di, Didi Ananda Ragamaya and Jyosna.
Kaoshikii - Dance of the Divine

Kaoshikii - Dance of the Divine
by Jagatbandhu and Liilamaya

 A 21 minute yogic workout which strengthens both the body and mind.

La Flute du Mayombe La Flute du Mayombe
by RAWA Pointe-Noire Congo

This album of 12 kiirtans was recorded and produced in Africa. We loved the singing, percussion, musical arrangements and the enthusastic spirituality on this album.

Light of the Lamp Light of the Lamp
by Vasudeva, Norway
An upbeat album of rich vocals woven through some exceptional instrumentals- all contemporary songs of praise of the Divine with a very high studio production.
Living in the Moon Living in the Moon
by Kamala with Peter Sprague

Kamala and Peter come together to make some wonderful music in these songs that are a joyful tribute to inner freedom and living life at its fullest.  

Magnificence Magnificence
by Jyosna

A follow-up to Dancing Divinity, this collection of songs evokes the deep relationship of Lover and Beloved with a definite techno beat.
Matrika Matrika
by Shubhamaya

This album from Brazil contains eight spiritual chants, including one Baba Nam Kevalam Kiirtan. It has Brazilian atmosphere, beautiful singing and excellent sound quality.

Sweet Joy Sacred Hip-Hop
by Srikala and Ana'di

"This album has been a beautiful journey of life love freedom through the vehicle of sound vibration"
suno bhai

suno bhai
by Vedanth Bharadwaj and Bindhu Malini

Kabir and other mystic poets of India inspire these soul stirring and melodic songs, a blend of Carnatic and Hindustani complimented by western chords of the guitar.

Sweet Joy Sweet Joy
by Ainjali

“Anjali is a singer-songwriter with her roots in Brazilian music and West Coast Jazz. In Sweet Joy she combines these two influences with a strong spiritual consciousness and a subtle poetic sensibility worthy of the melodic, harmonic and rhythmic richness that underscores these superbly crafted songs.” ~ Devashish   
Take The Leap Take The Leap
by Sara Giita

Honest, deep, and inspiring, Sara Giita's original songs take us along on her spiritual journey.

Tantric B-Boyism Tantric B-Boyism
by Anadi with Maetrayii, Dada Rama, Viveka, and the Blissful Rhyming Circle.

In a unique mixture of rhyme, reason, rhythm and kiirtan, Anadi exhorts us to unite and become one through pure hip-hop meditation.

The Return of the Magic The Return of the Magic
by Dada Nabhaniilananda

It has the smoothness of a late 90s’ production with a 70’s flavour – a kind of ‘spiritual eco-folk. The songs reflect the social issues of our times..

The Space Between Breaths The Space Between Breaths
by Gustavo

An original and dynamic collection of songs from a revolutionary Proutist and spiritual outlook, a rap flavor and Bolivean tones.
Touched by the Sea Touched by the Sea
by Jyosna

A beautiful compilation of devotional songs, each ending in kiirtan. Recorded in Vermont with the Vermont kiirtan choir. This was our first CD and is still one of the all-time favorites.
UMOJA Collection

UMOJA Collection
by RAWA Maharlika

The rhythms of Africa are what moves this kiirtan album. So get up, dance and sing Baba nam Kevalam!

Umoja Volume 2

UMOJA Volume 2
by RAWA Maharlika

The rhythms of Africa are what moves this kiirtan album. So get up, dance and sing Baba nam Kevalam!

Waiting the album

Waiting the album
by Turiiya

In the 80's and 90's Jyosna Latrobe played in a New Zealand band, Turiiya, with Daryl Linwood and Kim Wesney. Their 1985 LP release has been remastered and is now available for download.

Warriors of the Rainbow

Warriors of the Rainbow
by Dada Nabhaniilananda

The range of sounds is remarkable taking from sensitive ballads through a Latin number to the reggae version of Give My Heart to Africa.


Weyecho - "We are Happy"

The RAWA brothers and sisters were happy while recording this album and you will be, too, while listening. This is Innersong's first CD album of kiirtans from Africa.

Woch Nan Soley

Woch Nan Soley
by Woch Nan Soley

Woch Nan Soley is a Haitian a cappella group consisting of 15 orphan girls between the ages of 15 and 19. All the songs, written in Creole by the group, are about their experiences growing up in Haiti.
Women We Are

Women We Are
by Anjali, Didi Ananda Ragamaya, Jacquelyn Battise, and Kamala

This album of songs for the awaking of women is an inspiring compilation of uplifting, universally spiritual and social songs.

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An Indivisible Entity

"Though separated by many countries, many states, many religions, many communities or by many languages, the human race is an indivisible entity. Every human mind is but the diversified individual manifestations of that same indivisible Cosmic Mind. Today we look forward to the advent of that artist, that writer who will convey this truth to the hearts of humanity in a still sweeter language, still more strongly and deeply."

P.R. Sarkar,
Abhimata, The Opinion


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