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By Jyosna

A follow-up to Dancing Divinity, this collection of songs evokes the deep relationship of Lover and Beloved with a definite techno beat. CD.


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On Magnificence

When a person is established in devotion one becomes able to understand the greatness and magnificence of the Supreme Consciousness The understanding at this moment is born of real experience through taste. Sweet things, mango and sugar, can be distinguished only by taste. One cannot enjoy the flavour of mango by seeing its reflection in water. One will have to climb the tree, pluck the mango and taste it. Similarly, experience in the spritual realm also can be had only after climbing a step on the tree of devotion. Only then can one understand the brilliance and greatness of the transcendental Cosmic Entity.

Shrii Shrii anandamurti
"Bhakti Rupa Setu"

2014 InnerSong