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Brighter than the Sun

Brighter than the Sun

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By Dada Veda

The country-folk style of songs on this CD are meant to express the deep feelings and realizations gained through meditation, as well as Dada's hope for a socially just, and ecologically balanced society which, he believes is coming soon, just around the corner.

Price: US$ 16.00

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What some People Say

"I purchased a copy of your new CD "Brighter than the Sun" and am enjoying it very much. It truly touched my soul. Please keep up your excellent
work."--Ron Marusarz

"...far superior to most of the hi-tech CD's being produced by others. Your> CD is a wonderful service to humanity. I hope you will produc more!"--Garda Ghista

"All the songs are upbeat and happy. They speak of hope, light, unity and better times ahead. Cynicism and phony sophistication dominate our tense and complex times. Dada, through his simplicity and charm, cuts through all that. His songs give us a mental break, and return us to an age of innocence." --New Renaissance Magazine

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