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The Space Between Breaths  

The Space Between Breaths

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by Gustavo

This album is an original and dynamic collection of songs with a revolutionary Proutist and spiritual outlook, a rap flavor and Bolivean tones.

"Greetings! LOVE to you and yours for all the many ways you struggle and progress to bring about your own personal transformation and the transformation of our society. I hope this music will go with you on your many missions and adventures to render service, blessedness, and revolution! Let art and music of all genres be a part and parcel of our commitment to a universalist humanity. Keep on fighting imperialism, capitalism, racism, patriarchy and deconstruct the dogma and social complexes."
-- Gustavo "Krsnatma" Monje


US$ 10.00

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Track List

1.   Imagine Nation
2.   Irina
3.   Obedience
4.   No Quiero Mas Que Estar Aqqui
5.   Una Breve Infancia
6.   Laramah
7.   Tu and Goodnight
8.   Perfect Day
9.   Sudden Water Sign
10.   Yo Queria
11.   Solo por Hoy
12.   The Drive and the Show
13.   Retreat Song

2014 InnerSong