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Warriors of the Rainbow

Warriors of the Rainbow

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by Dada Nabhaniilananda

This is actually put together from two completely different recording sessions. Five of the songs cleanly produced, finely crafted spiritual folk ballads.  The depth and subtlety of the lyrics means that the music becomes richer with repeated listening.

The other six songs have been given a somewhat more complex treatment. They were produced by symphonic rock veteran Harry Williamson (who worked with Sting and played with British band Gong) and have a grand style worthy of the title track. The range of sounds is remarkable taking from sensitive ballads through a latin number to the reggae version of Give My Heart to Africa.

The music shifts smoothly between these two sounds subtly enough to add variety rather than break the flow. This a deep album that will leave you feeling enriched on a number of levels.


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Give my Heart to Africa

Dada on this song: "I wrote the main melody for this song on the piano when I was 16. Many years later I was involved in a fund raising campaign raising funds for relief work in Africa. I wanted to express my feeling that though these people, these children, live far away in a foreign land, we are bound by our common humanity. The song was used in our campaign for AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) and I recorded it in 1985. In 1988 I re-recorded it for the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’ album. Of all the tunes I’ve written this remains my favourite. I’ve written an extended instrumental version which I may record some day. "

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